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The History Of RayCAPE

RayCAPE was established in 2003, to service the telecommunications industry in South Africa. Our founding members who were previously employed by Raytech Telecommunications resorted to establishing a company due to restructuring, with the aim of servicing the market left by Raytech, which decided to centralise operations from its head office based in Johannesburg.

Keeping in line with Black Economic Empowerment trends, the RayCAPE board consists of five shareholders of which majority shareholding is owned by Mr. Koos Louw, Sumaya Cupido and the balance to Natalie Taylor Scholtz, Mr. Angus Bain and Mr. Paul Gonsalves. Of utmost importance is the need to transfer skills, create jobs and allow for growth in economic development. In agreement with Tyco, RayCAPE is one of the distributors of Tyco Electronics Raychem Telecommunication products and its accessories suppliers in South Africa.

In addition, geared for expansion, RayCAPE is also a service provider in the civil and construction sectors for the ICT Industry. Our highly skilled personnel are equipped to manage large-scale outside plant projects. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our aim is to be renowned for service excellence by continually striving to add value by being unique in our goals, purpose and execution of technology and service. RayCAPE’s vision is not being the biggest but rather the best, most reputable provider of telecommunications solutions to its clients. To be a genuine entrepreneurial organisation led by a young, energetic and focused management team that places our company ahead of all others, without any prejudice. Linking major centres with fast and efficient personal service, by being a respected partner in bridging the gap between you and your customers, with our advanced telecom equipment technology. To invest in our staff by enhancing their skills to add value both at home and work, as we realise that our future goals depend upon their commitment and expertise.


The company is committed to serving its customers through:

• Providing leading-edge, state-of-the-art cable accessory systems
• Providing high-quality, cost-effective networking and communication solutions
• Offering consulting through identifying clients’ ever-changing networking needs, telecom requirements and future growth capacity
• Using Tyco Electronics’ innovative technology and skills to attain excellent quality control and after-sales support
• Delivering work of high calibre for all civil and construction outside plant projects.

Our Commitment To Service
Management and staff at RayCAPE have committed themselves to providing a superior, efficient and dependable service at all times. Our dedication offers our customers added value in the telecommunication industry. We believe a vital element in the success of our business is our people. We continually strive to improve our competency and ability to deliver more than what was promised. It is the company’s policy to be close enough to customers to determine their needs and to cater for these needs in the most cost-effective manner. This results in the successful matching of products and systems to exacting customer requirements.
Our Management And Staff
RayCAPE’s strength lies in its professional and experienced sales/marketing and project management team. Members of staff are constantly trained and kept up to date on Telecommunication Technology, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service. RayCAPE is headed by a dedicated management team that believes in a hands-on approach in all spheres. This young and dynamic group of leaders is well experienced in all aspects of the telecommunication industry.
Quality And Standards
Tyco Electronics is an ISO 9001 accredited company assuring customers that all products supplied by RayCAPE are designed, developed, manufactured and supported to international quality standards. Tyco Electronics’ components and systems are used in telecommunications infrastructures and networks throughout the world. Hence, RayCAPE is committed to a policy of quality assurance, which is in line with Tyco Electronics and will ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the company. RayCAPE ensures that all products and services are rendered to meet stated performance criteria and are in accordance with the specified requirements of clients. We continuously work in accordance with international standards.
This includes hands-on training and respective transfer of skills to our clients. The offering of after-sales service and support completes the solution to our valued customer base. All our sales/marketing and project management team members are highly trained, and knowledgeable of industry standards and specifications. To maintain this high standard, we regularly attend refresher courses.
Research And Development
RayCAPE is backed by Tyco Electronics’ team of highly qualified engineers, technicians, network components and accessories.
Communication Flexibility
The Tyco Electronics product range offers an integrated approach to all types of internal or external communications environments. Its unique and extensive complementary components for copper and optical fibre applications provide customers with greater technological flexibility because they are from the same source. It enables customers to rapidly integrate products into existing or new systems, or, where specific needs demand, completely new components can be designed to suit special requirements. RayCAPE, working in conjunction with Tyco Electronics in the telecommunications industry throughout the world, offers customers a fully comprehensive range of innovative products based on many years of marketing experience.

RayCAPE Team

Koos Louw

With over 25 years of experience in the wide Raychem product range, Koos is a valuable asset to the RayCAPE team who is responsible for internal sales and is the warehouse manager.

Angus Bain

Angus gained knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry over the last 30-year period with a leader in the industry, thereafter joining Raytech on the marketing side. Realising the gap in the market with Raytech centralising in Johannesburg, Angus took the opportunity, along with his partners to establish RayCAPE.

Paul Gonsalves

Paul also gained his knowledge and experience with one of the leaders in telecommunications before joining with Raytech’s export division. Paul took the positive step with his partners to establish RayCAPE and target the local and export market.

Natalie Taylor Scholtz

Operations Manager

083 518 5715

Sumaya Cupido

Admin Manager/Internal Sales

021 552 5880/83
082 769 8549


We have been awarded prestigious honours in the industry, including:

• Tenders awarded • Transnet – Fibre optic joints • Telkom underground cable locator • CoCT – Fibre patch 12 and 24-way patch panels • CoCT – Cast iron joints •

• Driven by service delivery • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction • We supply high quality products •


"Your Cable & Accessories Supplier"

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• Driven by service delivery • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction • We supply high-quality products •

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