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Our Products

RayCAPE is a distributor of Tyco Electronics in the telecommunications, energy and electronic products industry throughout the world. Offering customers a fully comprehensive range of innovative products for the following environments:

Telecomm Outside Plant:

As suppliers of Tyco Electronics’ well designed and manufactured products that seal, connect and protect telephone and CATV networks, our offering includes a complete line of products for copper, fiber-optic and coaxial cable networks for applications from exchange/head end to the subscriber premises.

Network Premises Wiring:

With AMP Netconnect’s unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP) and fibre optic technologies, RayCAPE provides a complete voice, data and video infrastructure cabling and connectivity system. The products work not just as a collection of parts, but also together as a complete system solution.

Our Multitude Of Products And Services Means That You Don’t Need To Go Anywhere Else.

Products For Every Job And Utility:

• Raychem – copper and fibre network products
• Copper network products – ALC and UG Networks
• Heat-shrink tubing and repair sleeves
• Heat-shrinkable splice closures
• Re-enterable mechanical dome and cold-applied closures with gel sealing
• Air pressure block joints
• Cable end sealing caps
• RF/coaxial cable accessories
• Dome and mechanical closures
• Fibre network products
• Fibre optic splice closure – FOSC
• Fibre optic infrastructure system
• Technology – FIST closures
• Metal closures
• Fusion splice protectors
• Exchange racks
• Wall rack
• Splicing and patching shelves
• Fibre ducting system
• Street cabinet
• Customer premises termination boxes
• Mechanical dome closures (heat-shrinkable and gel base sealing system)
• Duct seal systems
• Inflatable, mechanical and heat-shrinkable
• Installation tools
• Duct coupler
• AMP & Mondragon
• Copper-connect products
• Connectors for distribution frames and terminals (10 pair connect & disconnect type)
• Cross-connection cabinets
• Network interface devices
• Inline splice modules and tooling
• Gel filled butt-end connectors

More Of Our Extensive Product Range:

• AMP Netconnect Products
• UTP, STP & FO Products
• Premises cabling, components, systems and services
• Optical fibre cable
• Copper cable
• Patch cable assemblies
• Connectors
• Closet-connecting hardware
• Workstation outlets
• Filters, adapters and baluns
• Cable ties
• Termination tools


• Exchange ODF racks
• Splicing and patching shelves
• Fiber slack management shelves
• Patch cords and pigtails
• Customer premises boxes
• Telecom cable
• Aerial self-supporting copper
• Underground cable
• Industrial telecom cable
• Cross-connection and equipment wire
• Simplex & duplex OF cable

Additional Cabling:

• ADSS and OPGW OF cable
• Armoured OF cable
• Aerial OF cable
• Indoor telecom cable

Tyco Electronics Corporation

Tyco Electronics Corporation – the largest unit of Tyco International – was established in September 1999 when Tyco acquired Elcon Products and Raychem, and integrated them with AMP, acquired earlier the same year. Combined with further acquisitions such as the Electromechanical Components division of Siemens, the Electronic OEM Division of Thomas & Betts, Critchley and others, Tyco Electronics is now the world’s largest passive component supplier, with product offerings in 19 passive and active product segments. Our expertise in materials science, product design and process engineering, coupled with our worldwide network of application engineers and sales representatives allows us to provide superior customer service based on our broad technology portfolio and strengthened competitiveness. As a young and constantly evolving company that embraces the most valued brand names, we look forward to continuing to bring you greater value as we shape the twenty-first century together.

• Driven by service delivery • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction • We supply high quality products •


"Your Cable & Accessories Supplier"

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• Driven by service delivery • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction • We supply high-quality products •

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